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Swim Across USA

Starting on July 20, 2022, brothers Joe and John Zemaitis will kick off an adventure years in the making. Their goal is to swim 10 kilometers in all 50 states within 30 days. Through this effort they seek to promote water safety and drowning prevention, in addition to competitive and open water swimming, across the country.


"For thirty-five years I've been involved with USA Swimming as a swimmer and as a coach,” Joe Zemaitis said. “To partner with the USA Swimming Foundation to spread the message of Saving Lives and Building Champions as we go across the United States swimming a marathon in all 50 states will be the trip of a lifetime. For nearly 20 years, I've been challenging swimmers I coach in Arizona at Swim Neptune to set challenging goals, train hard and fearlessly pursue their dreams. I'm getting the chance to do just that with our upcoming adventure.”


The adventure starts in Hawaii before moving on to the Big Lake in Anchorage, Alaska. Then the brothers and their support crew will pile into an RV and start the road trip of a lifetime. They plan to complete their last swim in Arizona in mid-August. August is Drowning Impact Awareness month, and Joe and John Zemaitis are using their platform to fundraise for the USA Swimming Foundation and its mission of Saving Lives and Building Champions.


“The USA Swimming Foundation is grateful for Joe and John’s incredible generosity and their commitment to water safety and drowning prevention,” said Lucinda McRoberts, Executive Director of the USA Swimming Foundation. “We are excited to follow their journey and cheer on their progress.”


To donate and to follow along with the latest from the Swim Brothers, please visit


There, you will also find updates on their progress, upcoming stops, and escapades along the way. You can also follow Joe and John on Instagram @SwimBrothersUSA.

All swims will follow the Marathon Swim Federation Rules of Marathon Swimming without exception or modification.


All of the rules of the United States Anti-Doping Agency will be following without exception or modification.


Download the pdf with detailed routes for all 50 states 


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